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It is the area of dentistry which allows the patients with partially or even totally damaged teeth to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile again. This dental domain, joining medicine and technique, helps also the patients with malocclusion or with the defects of tooth shape.

We offer a complex treatment, as well as masticatory system diseases prevention. Thanks to our cooperation with renowned laboratories, providing the best materials and technology, Expert Dental staff is able to perform even the most complicated prosthetic treatment plan. Each case is treated individually.

Scope of prosthetics:

  • prosthetic consultations together with a treatment plan,
  • full range of permanent supplements: prosthetic crowns, composite, porcelain and fully ceramic crowns, metal crowns, telescopic crowns, metal, composite, fully ceramic onlay, inlay, overlay, composite and porcelain veneers, a broad range of crown-root refills,
  • wide offer of removable supplements: dentures and skeletal dentures, complete and partial dentures with the possibility of tooth characterization, relaxation splints, splints for sportsmen
  • wide offer of prosthetic supplements on implants: crowns, fully ceramic bridges, complete and partial dentures, overdentures

We provide our Patients with:

  • complex course of prosthetic treatment in accordance with the latest world standards
  • experienced team of cooperating experts from every area of modern dentistry guaranteeing the choice of the best prosthetic solutions
  • individual prosthetic treatment plan
  • innovative, but first of all approved materials and technologies
  • long experience in the domain of dental prosthetics