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Periodontal and gum diseases are a serious and the more and more common problem. Even a simple reddening of gums or hypersensitivity of teeth may constitute a warning and may indicate the beginning of periodontitis. This very often disregarded condition can be a cause of total tooth loss and might contribute to numerous systemic diseases.

That is why its symptoms must not be disregarded and one should not delay a visit at the dentist’s. Thanks to the early application of an appropriate therapy, you can regain a full comfort of living and enjoy a healthy smile.

Scope of periodontology:

  • periodontal consultations
  • radiological diagnostics, analysis of RTG and CT images
  • open curettage, closed curettage
  • treatment of the diseases of oral mucosa
  • cutting and management of fraenula (prevention of gum recession)
  • immobilization of loosened teeth by means of a cosmetic splint
  • oral vestibule management
  • bone regeneration (GBR)
  • gum recession treatment (CTG)
  • free gingival graft
  • elongation of the clinical crown

We provide our Patients with:

  • innovative, but first of all approved materials and technologies
  • experienced team of experts in every area of dentistry
  • complex course of the treatment of periodontitis
  • modern intervention techniques
  • nice and professional staff guaranteeing high standard of service