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This area is associated mainly with the treatment of children and prevention of malocclusion, whereas nowadays the age does not constitute a limit to begin such a treatment. For adults, a possibility of adjustment of already existing malocclusion, support at the preparatory stage of prosthetic works of the aesthetic character as well as supportive treatment of periodontal diseases are offered.

In Expert Dental, we focus on early and accurate diagnosis as well as on constructing a precise treatment plan. We use the latest dental technology achievements, thanks to which we increase the comfort of wearing dental braces and shorten the time needed for complete correction of bite.

Scope of orthodontics:

  • orthodontic consultations together with a treatment plan
  • preparation of a treatment plan basing on detailed radiological diagnostics (pantomographic and cefalometric image, radiovisiographic status performed in order to precisely assess the bones of the alveolar process in patients with inflammatory changes in periodontal tissues), assessment of soft tissues and smile on the basis of the photos of face, profile and smile as well as on the basis of the analysis of diagnostic models
  • a range of removable, especially functional braces in order to support the treatment of growing patients
  • a range of permanent dental braces: classic metal braces, braces without ligature (low friction), aesthetic braces (crystal, porcelain)
  • the usage of mini orthodontic implants in order to perform a quicker and more precise orthodontic treatment

We provide our Patients with:

  • complex course of orthodontic treatment in accordance with the world’s latest treatment standards
  • individual orthodontic treatment plan
  • innovative, but first of all approved materials and technologies
  • qualified and experienced team of dentists guaranteeing the choice of the best orthodontic solutions
  • nice and professional staff guaranteeing high standard of service