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Oral surgery

It is an important area of dentistry including various treatments aiming at removing the source of disease or supporting the process of prosthetic, conservative or orthodontic treatment.

Surgical interventions are extremely important for the proper course of treatment of oral diseases. That is why the specialists in this area are so widely appreciated. Expert Dental Centre provides the patients with the access to the best and the most experienced professionals in oral surgery.

Scope of oral surgery:

  • surgical consultations together with a treatment plan
  • treatment of inflammations
  • radiological diagnostics, analysis of RTG and CT images
  • extraction of permanent and deciduous teeth
  • surgical extraction of partially or totally retained teeth, including wisdom teeth
  • bone tissue regeneration (augmentation)
  • soft tissue regeneration
  • management of oro-antral communication
  • root tips resections
  • hemisections and radectomies, i.e. the extraction (of one or more) teeth roots, leaving a part of the tooth crown or the whole crown
  • gum microsurgery
  • management of lip, tongue and cheeks fraenula
  • deepening of the oral vestibule
  • guided tissue regeneration (GBR/CTG)
  • tooth autotransplantation
  • post-extraction alveolus augmentation
  • exposing teeth to orthodontic treatment

We provide our patients with:

  • complex course of surgical treatment in accordance with approved treatment standards
  • modern treatment techniques
  • experienced and qualified medical staff
  • high quality materials
  • nice and professional staff guaranteeing high standard of service