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We deal with conservative dentistry when a caries cavity detected is filled with composite material, commonly called an inlay. In case when caries is not detected early enough and it affects hard structures of the tooth leading to dental pulp inflammation, endodontic treatment, also called root canal treatment, is recommended.

In short, it involves removing the infected dental pulp, cleansing and disinfecting the tooth root canals and then filling them with material preventing the development of bacteria responsible for the inflammation process.

Modern endodontics allows the effective struggle for every tooth. Choosing treatment at Expert Dental Centre, you receive the access to modern technology and experienced experts.

Scope of conservative dentistry and endodontics:

  • tooth caries treatment
  • aesthetic filling and reconstruction of the tooth crown with high quality composite materials
  • filling with glass ionomer materials
  • onlay, inlay and overlay type filling
  • complex endodontic, so called root canal, treatment

 We provide our Patients with:

  • a team of qualified and experienced experts
  • complex course of root canal treatment in accordance with approved treatment standards
  • innovative technologies and the best quality filling materials
  • the highest quality of root canal treatment