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Children dentistry

Children are the most demanding patients. Expert Dental staff is perfectly aware of this fact and that is why they make every effort possible to transform regular check-ups at the dentist’s into a genuine adventure.

In order to achieve this goal, our staff takes part in specialist trainings and explores the basic issues of children psychology. Special procedures and dental materials are used during the treatment of our young patients. They guarantee that every meeting with a dentist is painless and friendly.

Scope of children dentistry:

  • adaptation visit and dental consultations
  • complex treatment of caries as well as extractions of deciduous and permanent teeth
  • impregnation of deciduous teeth (covering with silver nitrate)
  • fluoridation and sealing of teeth
  • full range of anaesthetics for our young Patients
  • colour filling (Twinky Star)

We provide our Patients with:

  • experienced and qualified team of dentists and dental assistants for whom the health, but especially the smile of young Patients are a priority
  • appropriate atmosphere and attitude, patience
  • innovative technologies and highest quality filling materials
  • nice and professional staff guaranteeing high standard of service