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Aesthetic dentistry

Recently, aesthetic dentistry has been enjoying an increasing popularity among patients. Many years of scientific research as well as modern technology enable the forming of teeth in a way to emphasize the beauty of every face type.

Very often only a slight correction of colour, shape or characteristic of tooth surface may bring an amazing effect which will surpass your expectations.

Scope of aesthetic dentistry:

  • consultations of dentists from every area of dentistry
  • radiological diagnostics, analysis of RTG and CT images
  • efficient and safe tooth whitening methods at the dentist’s
  • fillings made from high quality aesthetic materials, giving the highest possible value of translucency and precisely imitating the colour of adjacent teeth
  • composite and porcelain cosmetic veneers
  • porcelain and fully ceramic aesthetic crowns
  • onlay, inlay and overlay type filling
  • full offer of other treatments aiming at improving teeth aesthetics and restoring a healthy and natural smile

We provide our Patients with:

  • experienced team of experts from every domain of dentistry, cooperating and jointly planning the patient’s treatment in order not only to achieve expected aesthetic result, but also take care of the health of their teeth
  • innovative, but first of all approved materials and technologies
  • highest treatment standards
  • nice and professional staff guaranteeing high standard of service