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He began his adventure with dentistry in 1995 as a student at the Medical Professional College, specialty: dental technician. In the College, he gained knowledge about dental topography, shape and colour of teeth, rules of facial harmony, specificity of dental and other materials. The fascination in this area resulted in graduating with honours from the College and continuing the studies at the Faculty of Dentistry of Wrocław Medical University. In 2003, while working as a dental technician, Dr. Sławecki completed dentistry studies at Wrocław Medical University. Since 2004, he is an active professional in the Department of Oral Surgery, developing his skills in microsurgery and implantology. In 2005, he completed postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Public Health of Wrocław Medical University, specialty: Health Care Manager. At present, as a lecturer at the Department of Oral Surgery of Wrocław Medical University, he is conducting scientific research on dental implants

Dr. Sławecki is engaged in implantology, which has become his main area of interest, for several years. He is passionate in surgery, advanced prosthetic reconstructions, aesthetic dentistry, tissue regeneration techniques and endodontics. He uses modern diagnostic methods and performs complex treatments related to bone regeneration.

Dr. Sławecki is the author of numerous publications in scientific magazines and textbooks, lecturer at the specialization courses for doctors, organizer of international scientific conferences, symposiums, scientific societies meetings, as well as member of the Board of the Lower Silesian Department of Polish Dental Society.

He is constantly developing his qualifications by participating in numerous specialist courses and practical trainings in Poland and abroad. Dr. Sławecki is a perfectionist in his job and the good and satisfaction of patients are his priorities.

Privately, he is interested in music, cooking, he likes long journeys and active relax. He is a passionate of martial arts, riding a motorcycle and a bike.

Scientific achievements (selected publications):

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