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lek  stom  Joanna Zawirska



A graduate of Wroclaw Medical University, received her medical degree dentist in 2009. A doctor who provides her patients full information about the actions taken to completely eliminate anxiety during treatment.

She prefers minimally invasive methods to improve the aesthetics of a smile. Due to the interest she puts a strong emphasis on aesthetics, precision, rebuilding the closest way to natural tooth structure.

She is dealing with:

  • Conservative treatment of adults and children
  • Endodontic treatment (root canal)
  • Prosthetics
  • Basic surgical
  • Execution of preventive treatments in children and adults

Open and contact person, and always provides comprehensive answers to the questions of her patients, both adults and children.

 Along with changing standards, she raises her professional qualifications on numerous courses, being up to date with the latest techniques in dentistry.

 Loves to spend free time with fitness, dancing, skating and skiing, as well as good literature, theater and film.